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 Hi there!

I am Rebeca Price, the owner and photographer of Beka Price Photography.

I’m a wife to my best friend and mother to four little girls (8, 5, 4 and 4), the latter were surprise babies and an awesome addition to the family. They mean the world to me!

I am originally from Brazil, but have traveled to a few countries, and ended up coming to the States 10 years ago to study English. This country is now my home as well.

I grew up in a loving family with amazing parents and siblings. Much of what I am today, I owe to what I was taught when growing up with them.

I’ve always been into art and developed an artistic eye from a young age when I began sewing. Both grandmas were  big time seamstresses so the creative talent is in my DNA. From sewing I began crafting and then photography came into my creative realm… My sister took a photography class and learning to compose photographs made her photos so great that I was intrigued. I then took photography classes in college and have been photographing for the past 6 years…

With four little ones under the age of 4 all of my sewing, crafting, photographing were done for fun when time allowed. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I began taking photography more seriously as friends started asking me to take their photos. I was taking maternity photos, newborn photos, family photos even wedding photos! As inquiries from friend’s friends started pouring in I decided to invest in workshops, a better camera, much better lenses and here I am…

Feel free to browse my work and to contact me if you want beautiful images for yourself.

Thanks for getting to know me. I’m looking forward to meet you!

I currently reside in Salt Lake City, UT, but I sure love to travel!



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